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Car Modeling in Maya Videotutorial


Tutorial Car modeling in maya part 1 (blueprints setup)

Learn how to model a car in maya in every single part by using advanced modeling tools.
videotutorial car modeling in maya audi r8 blueprint setup video tutorial car modeling in maya audi r8

Set The Blueprints In Maya

Before Proceed with the car modeling in maya, we need to setup correctly the blueprints. The blueprints are our principal referral for respect the car size and its scale during the modeling, and will guide you during the making of every single piece. You have to set exactly the sizes write on the blueprints with the sizes in the maya viewport, for viewport measurement you can use the distance tool from the menu create/measure tools/distance tool. Is always a good idea to check the images proportions by align a nurbs circle or a cylinder on the tires (that are a perfect circle) and be sure that combine perfectly.
audi r8 bluprints download
  Download the AUDI R8 blueprint HERE

Watch The Blueprints Setup Video Tutorial


Tutorial Car Modeling In Maya Part 2 (Modeling The Polygonal Meshes)

video tutorial car modeling in maya video tutorial car modeling in maya
Modeling the polygonal surfaces is an operation that can take long time if we don't know some advanced modeling functions such extrude, insert edge loop tool, split polygon tool, bridge, extract, merge vertex tool, bevel, etc. By watching the videotutorial below you will learn how to make every single part of the audi R8.
video tutorial car modeling in maya video tutorial car modeling in maya
For this kind of rims the modeling process is pretty fast, because you have to make just one little section (1/5 of the rim) duplicate and rotate around the wheel axel. With the smooth preview (you can enable in the attribute editor) you can see how the mesh appear with smooth. The next step is the shading and light.

Watch The Modeling Video Tutorial



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