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Render with IBL (image based lighting) and HDRI in maya

With this video tutorial you will learn the techniques to create shadows under an object with a photorealistic image in the background (IBL) or HDRI. This technique allows you to get very realistic renders in maya and mental ray because the reflections coming from a picture and not from a monocromatic light. The IBL (HDR) is used mainly for redering cars, or small objects such watches, lighters, statues and more. Watch this video tutorial for Maya to learn on a IBL types of lighting more realistic.
video tutorial ibl in maya
Another aspect of global illumination in computer graphics is the use of image-based lighting (IBL) to achieve realistic lighting by referring to a specific environment.
This process literally enables you to take a "snapshot" of an environment and reproduce the same qualities of light in your renders by using radiosity, Final Gathering like a CG environment. Any image can be used for image-based lighting, but to truly reproduce the full range of values, you will need to use high dynamic range images (360° HDRI) for your IBL. HDRI images can represent a wider range of values than video or even film. Essentially, an HDR image is a single file with multiple exposures built into it to accommodate the huge range that natural light can have.
video tutorial ibl in maya video tutorial ibl in maya
If you need an HDRI image high resolution,  download this from: http://www.germanimation.de/TingelTongel/
video tutorial ibl hdri in autodesk maya

Watch the "image based lighting" videotutorial for maya



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