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Video tutorial displacement in maya

how to use the displacement shader in maya for make a brick wall

This videotutorial show how to start to use the helpful displacement shader in maya. The displacement shader is perfect to make a lots of details in one poly surface. The displacement shader is a very good shader for make wall bricks, faces, floors, or everything it need an immense number of details.


video tutorial displacement in maya

In this demonstration we go through creating displacement maps and rendering them in Maya 2011, but the function are the same since Maya 8.5 to 2014. It includes:
- Baking displacement maps from combined geometry
- Creating displacement shader
- Rendering the results with only displacement
- Apply the texture
- Render again

video tutorial displacement shader in autodesk maya


For a good displacement texture you need an image with dark and light areas, the lighten areas will extrude outside the surface.

For do this tutorial, you can use this texture:


video tutorial displacement shader in autodesk maya


Watch The Video Tutorial


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