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Video tutorial DOF (depth of field) in maya


Using Physical DOF lensshader

The Depth of field is the blur that the camera make on the objects (or the distance) that are outside the focus, before or after.

This videotutorial show how to create the depth of field (DOF) in Maya. These are some simple steps to create cool DOF renders:



  • create a distance mesaure tool
  • parent one locator to the camera
  • parent one locator to an object (only for animations) which lies in the center of your focus.
Using Physical DOF lensshader when via the connection editor, connect the distance from the distanceShape to the focus distance of your cam. See at the procedure in the video tutorial to create render more realistic and learn a crucial role in obtaining the effect of physical DOF lensshader.
Using Physical DOF lensshader  

Watch the videotutorial Using Physical DOF lensshader videotutorial for Maya




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