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Video tutorial grass in maya


how to make realistic grass in maya video tutorial Got grass? For finish an exterior render project like this usually a realistic grass is a must. But how to do it? In 3d studio max there is a simple shader to make it, in maya the plugin for make the grass is included in maya. Watch this video tutorial to understand how to make photorealistic grass in maya in 3 simple steps.
how to make realistic grass in maya video tutorial how to make realistic grass in maya video tutorial

In this demonstration we go through creating an plane with normalized UV for seeding the Maya fur grass. Am using Maya 2012, but the function are the same since Maya 8.5. It includes:
- Making a primitive plane,  the fur surface must have good UVs.
- Adding some edges with split poligon tool for doing a sidewalk.
- delete the central face.
- apply the maya fur to the plane.
- setup the maya fur: base color, top color, density, scale.
- Try a first render test.
- Fixing some additional parameters.
- Apply some flowers with the visor's flower paint effects.
- apply some trees, in the background for complete the scene.


The grass will be light and with poor tile effect:

how to make realistic grass in maya video tutorial


You will be super satisfied with the Maya Fur grass preset - but yeah, depending on your computer and settings, it can really increase your render time a little bit. There is a way to have thick grass and fast in render. The secrets is not incrase the UV fur samples, but incrase the Density one. And I think the Maya Fur grass looks much better than PaintFX grass.

The second part of this tutorial will show you how to create growing flowers from the maya visor library, the flowers will gradually randomly grow up and will retain their original status when they reach to growing limit. Unfortunately if we using mental ray, it not show the paint effects in render, and we have to convert paint effects to polygons or nurbs surfaces. It will convert with shader and textures. how to make realistic grass in maya video tutorial

how to make realistic grass in maya video tutorial


Other fur parameters:


-Base Color -   the color for the bottom

-Tip Color -      the color for the top
-Base/Tip Ambient Color
-Specular Color
-Specular Sharpness
-Density- number of hairs across all surfaces of which description was applied
    -it is possible to specify density of individual surfaces by turning off
     Fur->Fur Globals->Area Value
    -this is the only attribute that cannot be animated
-Length - quite obvious
-Baldness - 1.0 = full - 0.0 = bald
-Inclination of the fur (how much the fur sticks out)
-Polarity of the fur (the angle each hair rotates around the fur normal).
-Base/Tip Opacity (0-1 transparent to opaque)
-Base/Tip Curl (0 - 1 this one is  little strange, values below 0.5 curl one direction and above 0.5 curls the other direction)
-Base/Tip Width (in world units)
-Scraggle - deformation scale (0 - 1)
-Scraggle frequency -(0-1) number of deformations along hair
-Scraggle Correlation - (0-1) how the scraggle of each hair relates to each other hair
-Segments - number of segments in each hair
-Attraction - (0-1) the amount of attraction this fur description has towards attractors




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