Autodesk Maya offers a collection of very realistic Architectural Material shaders for have the maxinum realism in you renders. Shaders like the the mia_material of metal ray (the default maya render engine) that made possible the making of all materials exept skin, velvet and carpaint. This Mental Ray materials have a large number of presets to create complex materials: wood, glass, concrete, gold, crome, alluminium, rubber, plastic, leather, concrete, copper and lots more. Download the mental ray materials from this page. For use it import the downloaded file.mb  and the shader will be present in your maya hipershade pannel. With these mental ray materials you will save time for the shading setup that sometimes for one shader can cost so many hours. Those maya shaders are tested in every situation, in small scene or even large scale scenes.  For every shader you can see the preview image. Download our mental ray premium shaders for maya.