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Bifrost Videotutorial for maya

video tutorial bifrost plugin for maya 2016 - 2017 liquid simulation in mayaPeople that doing 3d from long time know how hard was to make liquid simulation with an external software like realflow for import it after in maya with plugins for import end relative long operations.

Since maya 2016 a very interesting function was added to the default maya plugins, its name is Biofrost. Naiads Bifrost is a liquid simulation technology that is incorporated into Maya 2016 and successive versions. Bifrost is a very fast way for the creation of realistic liquids (small, big, and huge sizes), foam, froth, bubbles and more. Bifrost fluid system makes use of collision objects that provide the interaction with the liquid particles. Naiad Bifrost was a competitor to realflow before Autodesk bought it and added to the maya default plugins.

In this videotutorial you can learn how to make a very detailed small scale fluid (bottle and glass) with the new bifrost plugin.




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